OUR STORY – Starting from the beginning

After years upon years of doing things without stopping to think about the planet and working conditions of the people who take a fundamental role in the manufacturing processes, the time has come to make drastic changes. Fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet and it’s time to sit up, take responsibility and get involved in change.

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to do something about it. BALUARD BARCELONA came into being from the idea of ​​offering an ELEGANT fashion brand for the CONSCIOUS woman through an truly SUSTAINABLE brand.

“Dress fashionably and feel good in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing”


“Dress fashionably and feel good in the knowledge that you’re doing the right thing”


Materials from sustainability certified local suppliers

The first step on this journey was to obtain materials from local suppliers that were RECYCLED or made with the LOWEST ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT and that were also CERTIFIED.

This stipulation doesn’t only apply to fabrics, but also for our linings, buttons, labels, boxes…

Change has not been easy by any means. These kinds of fabrics weren’t soft, suppliers offered a very limited range of sustainable samples and some materials were not even available in sustainable versions…

Environmental and ethical awareness

Subsequently, we created a small LOCAL PRODUCTION structure based on Km0 which includes workshops with project industry experts that were able to meet the QUALITY STANDARDS that we need for our SLOW FASHION garments. We are delighted to have achieved 50% of our production carried out in WORKSHOPS WITH WOMEN AT RISK OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION FROM OUR CITY.

In addition to this, we have created an accessory that fits perfectly with the concept of ZERO WASTE, in the form of our Patch Shopper Bag, which uses the different materials that make up the collection, namely leftover fabrics from the production process.

We are committed to transparency in the traceability of our clothes from their point of origin until the moment our client receives them. We definitely don’t think we’re perfect, but we strive for honesty, and we feel that we are on the right track by continuing on the path towards responsible industry centred on environmental and ethical values.

At BALUARD BARCELONA, we are passionate about the quality of our products. For this reason, we set out from the beginning on the challenging journey of creating good quality collections based around environmental and ethical awareness, which makes us one of the few actively engaged brands in the industry.

We ensure our high-quality products through the use of local textiles and those that have been finished by expert suppliers here in Barcelona. ​​We work with pure fabrics and with those that feature high percentages of natural fibres such as cotton, wool and viscose. When designing our collections, we zero in on details and finishes. We strive to preserve manual production wherever we can, which is why the vast majority of our garments feature handmade finishes. This is achieved by our decision to collaborate with small, expert workshops. For the interior of our pieces, we use 100% quality viscose linings to ensure that the layer that touches our clients’ skin is not only soft to the touch but also breathable.

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